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Thread: Price Pfister 910-900 cartridge problem

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    Default Price Pfister 910-900 cartridge problem

    All the bathroom sink and kitchen sink faucets in my house use the Price Pfister 910-900 cartridge, and many of them are having the same problem. This cartridge has a metal ring under a plastic clip that flips to determine which way the valve rotates to turn on. This way, the same cartridge works for both hot and cold, just flip the metal ring to change from one to the other. This ring, though, appears to be cast from a soft metal, and after a few years of use the tabs are wearing. Therefore, it allows the valve handle to rotate a little too far which causes a small leak. Is there anywhere that I can purchase replacements for these rings without buying an entire replacement cartridge just for the ring?

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    don't BUY them call 1-800-PFAUCET and have them send you some replacements. However, the new ones may NOT be reversible so check first to see if they have to send you hot and cold versions.
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