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Thread: Honeywell Ignition Unit

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    Red face Honeywell Ignition Unit

    I've contacted Honeywell and asked what ignition model replace's the "R4184D1027" Intermittent Ignition Oil Primary, since this part number is no longer available . They (Honeywell) beat around the bush and refer me to various heating and a/c contractors in my area. I suppose they think its rocket science to provide a direct answer.

    Is there someone out there that can answer this question.?

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    Might be a proprietary part.Whats the make and model number of the oil furnace?
    Or maybe its just old and obsolete?

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    When I had to replace the ignition for my last furnace I found out that they will sometimes combine a few models into a newer model that is a replacement for the few older units. A heating supply place should be able to help with a replacement, and I've not had problems in the past buying the parts I need from them.
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