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I am doing a shower remodel, ripping out a bathtub and shower and replacing with a larger shower including a steam generator. I am DIY'er with some limited plumbing experience but little 'code knowledge'.

The p-trap in the foreground is for a 2" shower drain, and the smaller p-trap towards the back is for the drain line from the steam generator. The drain line coming out of the steam generator will be 1/2" copper, and at some point it will 'elbow down' into this drain. The generator is equipped with auto-flush, which means that after every use of the generator (and after a two hour wait for the water temp to cool down) the auto flush valve will open and drain the tank. This same drain line will be connected to the drain pan that the generator sits in.

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In the picture, I simply laid a copper pipe with elbow above it on the footer for demonstration.

First of all, does this setup look okay? I have had someone question whether the venting is adequate?

Also, as to how to tie the copper drain line into the abs drain assembly in the background, I was thinking I could either extend the p-trap a couple more inches so it sits directly under the footer, then drill a hole through the footer and extend the copper right through so it sits just above the abs pipe and drains in, OR...

I could extend the p-trap laterally a few more inches so it sits under the closet floor next to the steam generator (see the hole in the sheetrock, that leads to my closet where the steam generator will be located) and then either install an actual floor drain or just have the abs come up through the floor here and 'hover' the copper pipe 3/4" above it.

(In case it's not obvious, there is a constant gradual slope from the shower drain, 'round the bend, and all the way along until it drops into the floor.)

Thanks. -Smitny