I hope this is the right section to post this in.

I have a house that I only spend weekends at. It has a gas fired boiler about 15 years old, with in slab radiant floor heating. It is about 2000 s.f. bungalow.

What I'm wondering is if it would make any sense to have a programmable thermostat that would only heat the house on the weekends. I realize I may have to program it to turn on a day ahead of time to reach the set temp by friday night. It does take a long time for the house to warm up if the thermostats are turned off during the week. I am in the pacific north west. Would the savings during the week more than offset the amount used to heat up the slab again?

I've read some posts about a programmable thermostat not making sense during daily usage, but this is a little bit different situation.

from the gas bill, average daily usage is about 0.66 GJ per day when the non-programmable thermostats are kept at about 20 celcius.

Thanks in advance for any advice.