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Thread: SULFUR - After hydrogen peroxide system installed - HELP!

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    Question SULFUR - After hydrogen peroxide system installed - HELP!

    Just found this forum and hoping some of you experts can help me.

    The basics: Bought a mobile home in July 2011, no city water available, so we had well drilled. Immediately, we had very strong sulfur content 10+ ppm. The well driller installed a pressure tank and we ran a hose out of it and let it run several thousand gallons out after drilling. The sulfur content never got any better, so we had to go to plan B. We saved up and built a small, climate controlled, addition on to the back of the house to store our filtration system in. We went with a hydrogen peroxide injection system, with a catalyst carbon (tank) filter, and a water softener system.

    After installation, we had sulfur free "clear" water for 2 days. Day 3 we started getting black sediment coming out of the faucets when we would turn them on for the first time in the morning, with a slight "rotten egg" odor. It would clear up after running it for a few minutes. Day 4, the smell was very strong, and the water was a continuous grey color. I went from 3 all the way to 10 on the Stenner pump with no improvement. I made sure it was injecting peroxide, and tried backwashing the system manually. After several hours just shut the water off to the house. I emailed the company we purchased the filtration system from, and he couldnt give me a clear answer on why it would do this after 2 days. He did mention that the pressure tank was in the wrong order in the system, and that may be causing it not to properly backwash.

    Here's the order the system is in:

    1. Line from the well, into a static mixer with peroxide injection point.
    2. Carbon Tank
    3. Brine Softener / Resin Tank
    4. Pressure Tank
    5. Line into house.

    He's saying that the pressure tank should be after the point of injection. I have no problem re-routing the plumbing to where the pressure tank is 2nd in order, but want to make sure this is necessary before spending hours running more pipe. I watched it backwash, and it has plenty of flow coming out of the drain pipe. The water coming out is grey - black with the rotten egg smell. It was automatically backwashing each day at 12AM on its own.

    The pressure tank sat for months with sulfur water in it. Would the "black" sediment be breaking lose and washing back and forth between the carbon tank and the pressure tank? Keep in mind it was crystal clear for 2 days.

    I apologize for such a long post, and appreciate any help or recommendations! We've spent about $5500 and still have sulfur water!!!
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