I have a Burnham series 2 boiler for my forced hot water heating system. I recently had an addition added to my house and the plumber added another zone for the bedroom. After all the contractors left, I noticed water pooling in the low end of the basement. I traced it back to the boiler, which had several leaks. There was a leaking pump gasket, leaking valve stem and a leaking spigot. I fixed them all. But to day I found another pool of water. I can't find where this water is coming from, but because of the pitch of my floor, I know it is coming from the boiler. My questions are: Any ideas where to look for a leak? If there is an internal leak, can it be fixed? If not, what is the best boiler for quick replacement?

The name plate shows 1983, manufacture date? Has this boiler out lived its life? I find that hard to believe because I have a two family that has a steam boiler that is probably original with the house. I believe my buddy the plumber called it a "snowman".