Had a pressure reducing valve installed about two weeks ago down flow of my 5/8" water meter. Now, after looking at the installation, I have some concerns about how the meter was reconnected. The meter and whole "manifold" is in a small closet in the front of my house (I have no basement). It appears that my meter is an older "Rockwell" SR (Sensus now?) meter. When the plumber reinstalled the meter, there are several threads (about 2 on one side and close to 3 on the other) visible on either side of the where the coupling doesn't screw completely into the meter threads.

I am concerned that over time, this will leak and/or blow off due to only being threaded on by a few threads. This has been in service for almost two weeks now, and no problems or leaks thus far. I had a different plumbing company in to do some additional work on my home, and the plumber said it looked fine to him. In my parents home, their SRII meter has couplings covering all the threads on the meter.

What should I do? Will this leak/blow up? Some advice would be great.