No I don't see what I said about you not servicing your chlorinator customers' per the manufacturer instructions of the chlorinator I sold as a personal attack.

Also the chlorinator I sold would not go 4-8 months without running out of the max amount of 4lbs of pellets it holds IF you follow the manufacturer's instructions when filling it.

The one I sold does not allow you to reduce the amount of chlorine down as far as you wanted. So I questioned you saying you were selling the same chlorinator as a I did. And if it was the same one, how is it you didn't know what I knew about it except your not following instructions.

I don't recall ever running down the equipment you sell. I have said the Clack was a better valve than the 5600 and for a few years now, that you undersize softeners and waste salt and you refused to do anything other than defend your way of sizing by personally running me down for selling over sized softeners etc etc.. Ditto told you the same thing about your sizing recently and you never said a word about it. He also has said the Clack is a better valve than the 5600, and again, you haven't said a word to him about it.

You don't like having your posts deleted. Maybe you should think about stopping whatever it is that you're doing that causes them to be deleted. That sounds fair to me.