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Thread: Well Pump Won't Stop Pumping After Dry Condition

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    Thanks again for the input guys.

    A guy from the company who installed the well came out to the house this morning. He said the pump motor is fine, and assured us that it is sufficient for the job. He said the well is very low on water and suspects we have a water leak somewhere in the house/system. We're going to try to systematically turn off things overnight that might be slow-leaking - toilets, etc., and see if we can narrow it down.

    The serial number of the pump motor is 02L18 15 3766. Does that help determine what model it is? It's listed on the invoice as "1PH", which I take to mean "one phase". Does "phase" equate to "stages" with these motors?

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    The gpm of the pump gives away the stages. For example, you may have a 1-HP pump, but they make anywhere from 5 GPM all the way up to 20 GPM pumps.

    The higher the GPM, the fewer the stages, and the less pressure it will do. The lower the GPM, the more stages and more pressure.

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    These 5 gpm and 20 gpm ratings are about as useful as the 3 and 5 horsepower 120volt shop vac ratings.

    Must have been created so the average homeowner could "begin" to understand a pump. We all know you need a big calculator, water level standing and minimum if possible, and the pumps curve or production chart at various heads and pressure to discover the outlet flow at your pressure tank or cistern.

    I have a 13 stage 1/2 HP pump that outproduces the 6 stage 20 gpm 1HP pump at deeper depths.

    Wells are a funny business regarding submersibles. The installer rarely leaves notes or the 'book' for the pump in the pump house All you get is a HP -maybe, if its a 3 wire, and rarely a model# and brand of pump HEAD. Imagine having a water heater with no info label or size on it - or a furnace with no info tag. Very odd.

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