I enjoy target shooting with rimfire rifles and have collected a few that I would like to protect against fire and theft. Guns would not be the only items in the safe but for the most part it will be guns.

I live in the city and have a fire hydrant almost in my front yard so I wouldn't expect a long burning fire.

My question is what brands of safes do you guys own and why do you like them? I've read all about the foreign made safes that are assembled here in the U.S. and the quality differences.

So what do you guys have and like? Anyone else like to plink with .22 rifles and pistols?

I'm looking hard at the Liberty Lincoln safe with gloss black and black chrome hardware......I also like the gloss gray color with black chrome hardware. They run about 3 grand for the medium sized safe. I'm concerend with looks because I cant hide it...it will be sitting in a bedroom.