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Thread: High tech bath solutions

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    Default High tech bath solutions

    In the new d/s bath, I have a space above two pedestal sinks that is 48 x 42 x 9" deep. It is open. Below there is unused crawl space that I could use for drawers to about 36" depth. Discussing with my wife tonight and suggested to her that the space could be utilized for anything she could imagine, such as:

    Built-in gfci outlets
    Cellphone chargers/docks
    Hdmi/computer/tablet/USB ports
    Led tvO

    Etc., etc.

    I would sure like some ideas on how to configure this unused space to incorporate the connections and amenities that are available to all of us, now, in the connected world. I'm thinking hair dryer, cell phone charger, mood lighting, remote controls, tablet connections, phones, etc.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Remember, it' s 48 x 46 x 9 and is wide open for wiring.

    Many thanks and will post extensive photos once we are done.


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    ALL of those electrical devices ABOVE a sink?
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    Why do you need ANY of that in the bathroom? And if you need mood lighting in the bathroom...you just have too much time on your hands!

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