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That is what I'm working with here. It's a really old Am. Std. stem that won't quit dripping. Model #18293-0200. I've replaced both hot and cold with brand new stems and have had no success.

I've had a "plumber" come out (he wasn't really a plumber, but he knows quite a bit about it, and the landlord paid this guy so...), as well as a friend of mine who is somewhat of a handyman, and neither of them can get this drip to stop. I even have a valve in place just before the shower head. If I turn on the water, then apply the valve, no water gets out except a small drip that is slightly heavier than "normal", which is expected. When I turn the water off, bleed the pressure, and turn the valve back on, the dripping stops for about a minute until the drip OVER-POWERS THE VALVE. That last part there is blowing my mind. It has now been dripping for about 3 months solid. Any suggestions?