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Thread: new sand point system losing pressure

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    Default new sand point system losing pressure

    I recently attempted to upgrade my sand point well system, the old system was 12 years old and the pressure was low, but it held pressure. I put down a new sand point 3 feet away from original point, aproximate distance 15ft deep This is in a basement. I used 1 1/4 galvanized pipe with driving couplings connecting. Also new check valve and union inline close to pump. The new pump and tank and pressure switch are all in one,the tank is 5 or 10 gallon. I installed a gauge and the switch is a 30/50 switch. It took me 4 attempts to prime unit and get water. Once I had it primed the unit worked perfectly and I was really happy, I let faucets run to get clear water and any air out of system. This system is in a house I currently don't live in so the water is not ran daily. I went back to check on system and it has lost its prime, this is the second time. I even pulled the point used teflon tape and pipe dope, I really put the pressure on to get get tight fittings.I have 6 feet of water in point and pipe. There is a 1inch clear hose from pump head to "T" in tank, factor installing pipe clamps, I have tighten. Any suggestions on how to fix, I am going to buy additional pipe clamps for hose. Could new check valve be allowing system to loose pressure? Any suggests/ help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Your foot valve may leak, and you may have suction leaks that are very hard to find. You can add another check valve at the well head to keep some water in the pump line for start up suction.

    I had a pump this week I could not prime, and I could hear air in the pump chamber. Went on a long search and found a schedule 80 union that held 80 psi under PRESSURE with no leaks, but when under suction pulled in a lot of air. Tightened the union and instant fix.

    Any way do all of your detective work on the suction end of the pump.

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