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Thread: 3X question, any opinions or help greatly appreciated

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    Default 3X question, any opinions or help greatly appreciated

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking on the site for awhile trying to find each and every answer but I still find myself in a dilemma. Let me give a brief overview before I ask my question(s).
    I live in Ohio, in a 1400 sq foot home on stilts. Yes, I said on stilts. You can literally fish off of my back porch into the Cuyahoga River. I love it. Winters stink, but the summers more than make up for it.
    So, that being said, here is the reason I am writing this. The house has an artesian well with an indoor jet pump and bladder which makes more noise than a long tail cat in a room filled with rocking chairs. I figure it is getting old and I need to replace it. However, I want to take it a step further and do a three parter for my utility room. What I am looking for is a jet pump and bladder, a water softener, and a tankless water heater. My house is heated my electric baseboard and woodburning stoves. The only reason I use propane is to cook and heat water for laundry and showers, etc. I think I can save a ton of money by switching to the tankless water heater because it always seems like the water heater is constantly using up propane to keep warm through the winter days, etc.
    I have been doing some research on each and every part of my project. I am stuck between a Rheem and a Rinnai for the tankless water heaters. As for the jet pump and bladder, I have some concerns. The prior owner has a heating tape from the artesian well up to the jet pump. I'm not exactly sure how I can improve on that especially since the water needs to come in the house. Being on stilts, there is some point of the line that will have to be insulated, etc. I was thinking about putting Duramat (sound proofing) behind the walls so I wouldn't have to hear the jet pump turn on and off. Maybe a bigger bladder so it won't kick on so much????? Forgive my ignorance on these topics, I'm a new homeowner myself=)
    Last but not least a water softener. I totally do not mind the ones where you use salt tablets, but I wasn't sure if there was a type or preference with artesian wells and tankless water heaters.

    Any ideas thoughts or questions are GREATLY appreciated. I am planning on starting this project in late May.

    ~Hiram, Ohio

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    Do you think you could put a submersible pump directly into the artestian well? that would be the best option.

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    Propane is usually more expensive than electricity. I would go to a electric rig and insulate it to r-30. The tankless units NEVER pay back, need tons of maintenance, and if you go away for awhile you can turn off the electric rig same as the tankless.

    Gas water heaters are fairly inefficient by nature and suck warm air out of the house when sitting. And they cannot be properly insulated.

    Bigger diaphragm tank and use some sound insulation around the pump area. Mount it on rubber or foam.

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