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Thread: Recommended Oil Furnace/Boiler Temp?

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    Question Recommended Oil Furnace/Boiler Temp?

    I know there are posts on this but I wasn't sure if the temps would work with my furnace (could be a boiler not 100% sure..) The manufacturer is a Vallant. It has a Honeywell thermostat, my problem is that our showers are very hot at first then decline to a lukewarm temp then slowly rise to a somewhat hot temp. The temperature I currently have is: Low-190 High-210.. There is a third black dial which says (Diff) which is set to 10. There's a red mark on the temperature which is at 220 which i assume is the danger zone.. I always lower the temp during the summer since it rarely gets used. But it always sits at that temperature never goes over during the winter. So I'm wondering what a good steady temperature is to be energy efficient but have at least hot showers?

    ALSO: The hot water problems only happen during the winter, never during the summer..
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