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Thread: Clogged Shower Trap creating big problems

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    Default Clogged Shower Trap creating big problems

    My basement has no entry. The pics were taken before floor of kitchen was tiled over, no more access. The shower trap is obviously clogged. As you can see, ancient iron cast pipes.

    I want to access basement, clear dirt out and make accessible passage to work on pipes. Only that, my only option right now is, cutting through shower floor for access, pic shows Du-Rock floor with PVC pipe drainage connecting to brass pipes with a rubber connector, my snake can't get passed the rise of the rubber connector to the brass pipe. (?will professional plumbers rotating snake machine cause rubber connector to disconnect? concerned)

    Appreciate any comments, Thanks.

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    Thats a nightmare. Seriously

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    One reason those rubber connectors are not allowed above ground is that things can shift out of alignment which can trap waste (likely hair). It also makes it really tough to run a snake through there.
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    That is a nightmare even for a handyman job. Almost any snake should go through the rubber coupling, but NO snake will go through the drum trap. That is why it has a threaded cover on it, although whoever did it installed that drum trap upside down so the cover will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove without chopping it out.
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    Unhappy Trap connection problem

    Pic 4 shows how the 1 1/2 copper tubing is connects to the shower PVC drain with black rubber connector. Copper tubing is then connected to Trap in pic 5 (green color L or J shape). Copper tubing is connected to the trap with a 2 inch male socket (partially hidden behind water line). I have dug out all the dirt to arrive at the problem. (But can't get that male socket to turn want to drain out liquid by turning that L shape tube). Will Liquid Wrench Penetrant spray have any effect?

    I will hire plumber to replace as much as possible with PVC.

    Will the trap have alot of Gunk / Waste if I manage to open the clean out myself? Will I literally throw up while down there ?

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    You will need to dig a hole a couple feet across underneath the drum so you can work a big pipe wrench in the hole.

    It might be nasty, but it should be from the shower, not the sewer.

    You will have additional challenges in upgrading the system, as the shower drain should be all 2". All of the bends should be long sweeps, not short ones. A new P-trap should be installed directly under the shower and there must be a connection to a vent beyond that.

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