My buddy is a architect.
I remember when I helped him tile his bathroom, and when I got there, he knew where every stone would sit as he plugged it all into his ~CAD~ drawing.

For the pro's out there, oftentimes you don't get the luxury of determining the layout, so you make things ~work~ based on where the plumbing RO's land, etc.

In the midst of planning the bathroom layout. I've yet to do a final selection on stone, tile, etc but I'm curious how MUCH you guys let the stone guide/determine where you put the final RO for the shower heads, pluming controls, niches, etc. This obviously takes a bit more precise planning on ~scheduling~ how each of these plumbing RO's fall in relation to the aformentioned items, but the end result will be clean visual cuts based on whether they end up on a grout line, in the stone, tile, etc..