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Thread: Newbie - Condenser Fan Motor malfunctioning

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    Default Newbie - Condenser Fan Motor malfunctioning

    Hello all -
    Thank you for reading my question. Towards the end of the summer my AC unit started shooting hot air. When my Father in Law (handyman) visited he opened the unit and diagnosed that the condenser fan was not moving. The Condenser motor model # was K55HXPSS-7300. We WD40'ed the motor and it started moving again and it was put in the unit. I was told by my father in law to purchase a spare one as this was looked like it would go any time. I saw online and found one for ~250, but being the stingy person I am, I decided to wait for the winter; figuring it would be cheaper. Now the only new GE K55HXPSS-7300 I can find is on **** for 999.00.

    My questions are:
    Do I need to replace the motor with the same model (I am figuring no?)
    If not, what should I be looking for?
    o Can you suggest a motor I can use?
    o My electric bill is pretty big in the summer (450 USD/month for 2000 Sq ft corner condo).
    o Is there anyway I can get a bigger or smaller / more efficient motor to control the bill?
    o Will there be wiring work required if I do not use the same motor
    o Would anyone know how the replacement would cost if I get a HVAC professional to replace it?

    Thak you in advance for your hlep.
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