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Thread: copper pipes covered in green/blue dust

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    Default copper pipes covered in green/blue dust

    The copper pipes behind my laundry sink are covered in this green/blue dust like substance. Some of this stuff has even fallen on the floor. There has also been a very musty odor in the room for the past two weeks.

    I am wondering if this smell is coming from the stuff on the pipes? (I have poured bleach, vinegar, baking soda etc. down the sink drain to make sure it is clean.)
    Also can this dust be dangerous if I try to remove it from the pipes?

    Any help would be appreciated…….thank you.

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    First, let we warn you of pouring chemicals of any kind into a drain. Soda and bleach are a real no-no.

    What you are seeing on the pipes is caused by the flux that was used to solder the joints was not wiped off after the joint was made.


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