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quote; they are problematic
and are going to be a service nightmare down the road,,,

Never mind "down the road" they are a nightmare "NOW".

hj, how much of this are you seeing down in the arizona area??
I am wondering if this is a regional problem ... are you seeing
waves and waves of failures???...

I avoided this brand more because of a "gut feeling" that they
were gonna be trouble and I did not want to be their research or
"crash test dummie" to see how the valves do in the mid west....

they can be absloute hell to get lit, you have to have the patience of a saint..
and as far as trouble shooting them, if the light is not on, then
you are in trouble.... its just easier to strip it all out and change

of course with everyone going to them, Smith, sears, state, whirlpool,
its something I am going to have
to get more proficient at over time...