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Thread: Bradford White get HORRIFIC reviews vs. Rheem? What?

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    Default Bradford White get HORRIFIC reviews vs. Rheem? What?

    Hey there!

    New to the board...Been reading lots of great advice.....

    Got my choice of WHs narrowed down to

    Rheem Fury 42VR50-40F (about 450...50 gal gas 82 FHR)


    Bradford White Defender 50 gal.....MI5036FBN (50 gallon gas 86 FHR)

    The reviews on the BW are HORRIFIC on all the Gas models ..I saw this on the 50 gallon variant of the BW

    3 of the 7 reviewers had to 1 to two units in the six year warranty from BW!

    OTOH...The reviews for BW on Pex are 5 star.

    The reviews on the Rheem are much better-just shipping related complaints.....

    I've heard Rheem is made in Mexico and BW in MI...

    Three BW reviewers (2 of the reviewer went through two in 6yrs) out of seven needing replacements is a bit disconcerting.

    Long to short...any idea why Rheem is not getting as many bad reviews like BW is?

    It is bad enough to worry about delivery damage worries but are the BW made better than Rheem and just getting a bad rap?

    Scary enough to just go pay the 125 extra and get the GE badged Rheem at HD....It has a 12 yr warranty vs Rheem's 6.

    BTW...Anyone have any idea how much "downspec'ing" the GE's get from Rheem when they are rebadged as GE for HD......

    The same Rheem heater sold as a GE has a plastic drain valve; instead of the rheems's brass....Wonder if they cheap out on other parts?

    Thanks in advance for your expertise/opinion!
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