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Thread: Boiler Sizing and Heat Load/Loss

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    Default Boiler Sizing and Heat Load/Loss

    I was reading some other posts and wanted to see how "over" sized my boiler is and what my real heat loss is. I am familiar with Manual J, but have never fully completed one for my house. I kept seeing mention of using historical Degree Day Data and Past Fuel Usage in other posts. I gathered mine to identify where I stand.

    Background: House is 100+ years old, 3story colonial, with cast iron baseboard and radiators. Zoned into 8 heating zones. Heat is nat gas with a grossly oversized conventional boiler 275k BTU. It has an intellicon to help with my microzones and to prevent short cycling and aide in efficiency.

    I gathered my data and followed the guide here http://www.vonwentzel.net/HVAC/HVAC-...ectObservation

    I used degree day data from the web and also from my gas company bill. Both appear very close. Can someone help interpret the data and verify my calc are correct? I did not adjust the BTU for the efficiency of my boiler, since I don't know if it is 70%, 80% etc...

    The way I read this is my heat loss is 20k BTU/Hr??? is that right? Sounds way too low, or am I crazy or wrong?

    Pink area is summer non heating months where gas usage was for cooking and DHW only.
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