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Thread: Toto Duo-Fit in-wall tank instructions are WRONG! Help!

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    Unhappy Toto Duo-Fit in-wall tank instructions are WRONG! Help!

    Holy cow...I'm so disappointed in Toto right now. They have the WORST installation instructions and to top it off - they are wrong. Toto is NOT helping us at all - they keep sending us things saying "previously changed" and we don't have any of it!

    Here is the deal - we buy the in-wall tank and layout our lines based on the instructions. Before we have the concrete poured, we decide to double check some things and that's when we notice it's all wrong.

    We call Toto and they give us a link to BRAND new installation instructions that are totally different from what we have. This shows the drain pipe able to rotate 45 degree - which ours can't - at all.

    My own research shows that it's possible we have the 2x4 drain pipe on our box (we did NOT order that), but nothing else. And we aren't 100% sure it's the same thing. Here are the images we sent to Toto:
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    Their response:
    "It's 3.5" from the front face of the Frame; the frame itself should be flush with the front of the stud. (See attached)

    Also, note that there has been a change to the installation of the elbow drain which has been notified before.
    The new frame have two positions to install the elbow, on the attached image, it's 3.5" and if installed to front, it's 1.5"."
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    Yeah - that's great! And makes no sense at all. Sooo helpful.

    Here is the link to the installation instructions that didn't match the ones in the box:


    Note that rotating drain pipe! Yep, soooo not what we have.

    And here's a link to something that looks a lot more like what we might be dealing with. Or course we have only the drain pipe it seems - or who knows.


    Question: Does anyone have any knowledge of this unit and what is going on here?

    We've called they place we bought it from just asking them to look in another box and see if we have the right stuff here. It's so confusing and horribly documented!

    If we do have the 2x4 drain pipe (without the rest of the kit) - we need confirmation that the pipe will indeed protrude about 5/8" in front of the studs. Or is this all wrong???

    Help please!



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    The bracket that holds the drain pipe can be installed one of two ways...their diagram shows it moved back, and rotated 180-degrees, which is probably what you want. I think that's why there is another set of holes in the bracket.
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    I'm going through this quickly. I may make mistakes.

    Drill a 3-” hole on the subfloor
    1-” from the front of studs.
    (page 4)
    By the way, I love your pictures. That's a tough act to follow.

    page 3

    Page 4
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