Hi! I'm having a ton of issues.. I'm a renter and won't being DIYing this, but I'd like to learn more about it so here goes...

I'm calling my landlady tomorrow. I live in a 2-flat, landlady lives downstairs. We have a natural gas fired boiler with hot water baseboard heat. Our apartment is appx 1100sq feet. My thermostat is turned to 80... yet it is 53 degrees in my house. Windows aren't leaking, insulation isn't THAT bad... honestly this is frustrating. Now, landlady has HVAC people that come to fix our stuff (there's a sticker on the boiler), Guth's in Chicago. Don't know how reputable they are.. but yeah.

So anyways- I went down there tonight because I was curious about it- maybe the pump wasn't functioning.. I don't know. But it's OLD. The pump, the boiler...

Ideally I'd like someone here to just let me know what you see- how old are these units? Any other observations? Can you basically tell me what all of these things are and what their purpose is? What should I see if they are fully functioning? Are they dangerous at all? Should the be replaced? Here are photos...

Standard cylindrical hot water boiler- I don't know if this is ours or not, but I assume it's for our hot tap water and such?
Cylindrical Boiler

The setup. (The forced air system in the back is the landlady's.)

Setup shot 2
Setup shot 3

The 'ol boiler herself.

Boiler shot 2
Boiler shot 3
Boiler shot 4
Boiler shot 5

The pump, I'm guessing?

I noticed this thing on the ceiling... what is it?

Another shot with words on it (click the link, I could only add 4 images to the post)

And this thingamabob. I believe it read 39psi and 220 degrees? (click the link, I could only add 4 images into the post)

So... what are all these things. how do they work?

I wanted to add- to the touch (checked with a thermal gun) the pipes in the baseboard heaters never go above 80 degrees. Once I caught one at 100 degrees. Right now, the connected set that are in my dining room and run through the bathroom are ice cold. *EDITED to add... they just turned on. Apparently water circulated through them, and they're registering at 110 degrees F on my thermal gun.

There's a problem here.. I really hope they get it fixed! Anything I should be vigilant of? Sorry for so many questions.. but this stinks. I have two small children and we are freezing.