I am in the process of installing a shower which will have a rain showerhead, a hand shower unit, and 2 body sprays. I would like to be able to use the body sprays at the same time as the rain showerhead, and then be able to use all 3 components by themselves. I have 3/4 inch plumbing run from the main water line. I am thinking that it would be best to use the 3/4 inch plumbing to feed a 3 way diverter valve and then feed 3/4 inch into a transfer valve which feeds 1/2 inch plumbing to the showerhead, handshower and body sprays. I was thinking about using a 6 function, 3 port diverter for this setup but it seems to be very difficult to find the correct valves and trim for this. Is there a better way that I should be looking at configuring this? Should I step the 3/4 inch plumbing down to 1/2 inch with a bushing right before the diverter? Would there be a noticeable reduction in pressure by doing it this way? Because I have 3/4 inch plumbing I wanted to use it to feed the valves, but it may not be feasible. Would it be better to use pressure balanced and diverters, or thermostatic with volume controls? Any help is appreciated very much. Thank you.