Yes, I apologize - yet another softener sizing question. I've read WAAAY too much, and being a sorta-technical person I think I'm getting way too concerned about minor details. It's time to stop analyzing and get this thing done, so....

We have 4 people in our house - 2 adults and two children (ages 5 and 3). One full bath, two 3/4 baths. No other "big" water users (fancy tub / hot tub / jacuzzi) in the house. 3/4" water line.

We're on a municipal water system; testing shows 15 grains of hardness, no iron or manganese. pH = 7.2.

Assuming the conventional 60 gallons per person: 60*15*4=3600 grains per day

A target of 8 days' worth of grains to remove = 28800 grains. That points me to a 1.5 ft^3 softener, sorta on the border between 6 lbs and 8 lbs of salt per lb of resin?

I think (DANGER!) a 1.5 will also handle my SFR requirements, no?

Thinking of Fleck, either 2510SXT or the 7000 head. Our actual water use today isn't quite what the convention shows, so the day override is important.

Do I dare ask if I should get a gravel bed?

Am I headed down the right track here? Anything else I need to consider / measure / check on?

Thank you!