Just moved into a 30 year old house about 6 months ago. The water heater was installed in 1998. Today, my wife told me she thought the floor felt a little warmer than the rest of the floor right next to the water heater. She was concerned this may be a slab leak. I could not tell any difference and a infrared thermometersaid it was the same temp. I was looking at the water heater and I noticed that the cold water intake was just as warm as the hot water pipe.

One other thing, the hot water pressure has always been really low since we moved in. If we try to run the bath tub and washing machine (with cold water only), the water coming out of the tap is just a trickle.

Cold water pressure is generally fine unless we run the sprinkler system.

I am wondering of there are some crossed pipes or something.

Any suggestions on where to start?