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Thread: Alside Patio Doors

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    Default Alside Patio Doors

    These Alside Patio Doors have the ability to extend your home's ambiance

    to the great outdoors and they bring bright to any room, and this way you

    can fully enjoy every season.
    I think they are so great because they require less time on maintenance,

    the cleaning is simple, you just need a damp cloth and some household

    cleaners to make everything sparkle and look new every time.

    Patio Door Features

    White pine wood mainframe substructure
    Extra-deep weatherstripped integral interlocks keep air out
    Triple-screw, butt-joint frame for maximum strength and no drafts
    Dual durometer glazing system for shock absorption and weather protection
    Dual adjustable brass wheels with steel bearings for smooth sliding
    Brass interior handset and keyed exterior lock

    If you decide to go for this kind of doors, Clear Choice Windows LLC might be the right choice for you.
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