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Thread: ...and, what would you do? lol.

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    ha ha ha ha, Now, I think I got what you were saying, and, my answer is, no. I do not take the Lord's name in vain.

    Now, if you want to know anything... about the good book, just ask, LOL... Did you learn anything? LOL.

    I can tutor.
    I can be very dense, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by DonL View Post
    That is how I feel.

    Terry is very cool, He can block what he wants.

    I try not to use bad words.

    Do you think that words in the Bible (Any Version) should be spoken ?

    Off of subject, But you are a big girl.

    When is the Big date ?
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    Here the words you can say,
    but, not JC...


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