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Thread: Bathroom upgrade - shower mixing valve question -

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    Default Bathroom upgrade - shower mixing valve question -

    Hi folks,

    New to the forum and am looking for some advice/guidance about an upcoming bathroom renovation. I found a Moen shower faucet that I like but also found that the mixing valve has 3/4" inputs. I believe that this bath is serviced with 1/2" lines only (all dimensions ID). Current shower pressure is more than sufficient. Also, the new shower hardware is a shower head and handle combo, with each having a 2.5 GPM rating. So, my question is, will I be causing myself grief by putting a 1/2 to 3/4" adapter to interface to the new mixing valve? Also, I should say that I'm not likely to use both the shower head and separate handle at the same time, but I may.

    For completeness sake, let me add my home pressure is near 60 PSI at the main. and the distance from the main to the 2nd floor bath is approximately 25 ft of 1/2" feeding off a 30 ft of 3/4", slightly longer for the hot water line. The new shower hardware is the Moen TS270.

    If there's any other pertinent info you'd need to help, just let me know.

    Many thanks for your help,
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