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Thread: Toilet for small bathroom

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    Smile Toilet for small bathroom

    I never thought I'd visit a toilet forum, butt I'm a believer now (sorry I couldn't resist!). We have a rental that needed a new toilet (comb or bird toy stuck??) and my handyman was going to go to Home Depot to pick one up. After reading many posts and the reviews here I found a plumbing supply near him with the Toto Drake and he's on his way to pick it up right now. The less worries on the rental the better...

    The reason I was at this website in the first place: we've moved from California to an 95 year-old house in New Jersey. We are putting in a first floor powder room with somewhat limited space. One configuration of toilet/vanity is hohum while the configuration I like doesn't allow enough toilet depth for regular toilets. My contractor (from Poland) mentioned that in Europe they have toilet tanks recessed in the wall/wall-hung that aren't as deep. Do you recommend them? How are they serviced?

    Thanks for any advice.
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