I have a leak in the ceiling below my bathtub/toilet area and I think I have narrowed it down to only happening when we have a shower/bath. The first time it happened we had a bath and there were a few toilet flushes all at the same time then we came downstairs and noticed the dripping ceiling. I had someone come and they cut holes in the ceiling and thought the toilet was the issue so they replaced the wax ring. Then it happened again after a shower/bath/toilet flushing and I googled and went to home depot and they said that the wax ring could have been put on wrong and gave me a foam ring and I replaced that and all was good for the last day and a half until 20 mins ago we had a bath/shower (no toilet flushing) and it leaked again....soooooo now I am thinking it is the tub/shower issue and I saw another forum similar issues and the plumber said it could be the caulking on the floor or shower area or it could be caulking behind the wall of the shower faucett area. SO I checked around my floor and I do have cracked tiles but I really didn't see any real water on the floor after the bath? so is that possible ? Also my faucets seem tight but the shower head piece is not tight however I don't know how easy it is for water to go that way with gravity and all......so before I cut a hole in my bedroom wall to access behind the shower should I try anything else first? Or should I reopen the drywall batch job that was cut open on my living room ceiling? Will that access help me or is my bedroom wall better? Please help I am a single mother with no real help and I am too broke right now to hire someone unless absolutely needed....so if I can do it by myself I will try my best