I had a problem with my well recently where the overload relay would trip at night. Some of you on here help me figure out that the control box was bad so I replaced it and added a CSV. Recently, it started tripping again. So I replaced the caps in the box just to be sure and called the well company since the pump is still under warranty. They came out today to look at it and I watched while they were able to make the relay trip. The pump pull 46 Amps and the relay tripped. They duplicated the failure a couple of times and told me that they thought the CSV was part of the problem. After I explained what I learned about the CSV from this forum and that I replaced the CSV after the tripping started, they seemed convinced that it had nothing to do with the CSV. They said it must be the pump and started looking into so I went back in the house. Then they called me outside and said they put a new box on it and the problem was solved. We tried to force a failure several more times and it didn't trip. So I told them leave it but if it trips again, I am not paying for the box and they agreed.

So, now I am trying to understand how it could be the box after I already replaced it and then replaced both caps for the heck of it. I have checked the caps with my DMM and they are good. I'm assuming the overload relay is working since it keeps tripping. So that basically leaves me with the wiring header or the relay. I'm excluding the header because it is just mechanical contacts so that leaves me with the relay. Does anyone know any possible way for the relay to cause the motor to pull 46 amps? Is there anything in the control box that can cause that???