I have replaced about 6 water heaters in my years on this earth. All have had copper pipes sweated; ball or gate shut off valve and flexible copper supply lines screwed into heat trap, lined nipple fittings on the WH.

The current heater to be replaced in my Florida vacation home is installed in the Garage. It has a copper stub outs from wall with a copper to CPVC transition unions. The CPVC is directly connected to the WH hot and cold heater input/outputs, with a CPVC ball valve for shut off cold water on supply side.

Looking for a local source for a 5500 watt 50-65 gal WH, the Big Box stores only carry 4500 watt element water heaters in the store. Sears stocks WH's with a convertable 3800/5500 watt lower element and I was thiniking of getting one of their units.

1- I favor old school copper. Is there any disadvantage Copper vs using CPVC?

2- Is there any reason not to do all copper?

3- Any recomendations related to the Sears units?