I'm hopeful that someone can help me. I'm building a new house upstate, we're doing everything (apart from the foundations) ourselves. We were informed that we would need to install a grinder pump in the house, which would run to the main sewer line.
There is only one toilet in the house, so we didn't think it would be an extreme expense, was i wrong!

After looking at grinder pumps, we figured a smaller one would suffice. Yet, now we are being told that we have to have one that is minimum 220v and 1 1/2" output. The quotes i have gotten are around the $4,500 mark, and that's even without installation.
Surely there has to be something under a thousand that we can install?

We don't have a basement, so it would have to be installed outside, i had planned to build housing under the crawl space and install it there, right under the bathroom.

The distance from the grinder pump location to the main sewer lines is approx 40 feet.

please help!