Hey everyone, you were a big help during my 1st floor renovation, I even had Terry's crew come install the Aquia 2 dual flush with soft close seat in the new bathroom, it's a great fixture!

I took a year off and now i'm hitting the basement. I read the Building Science articles and have read many posts about insulating basements. I guess my situation is a bit different than most of the articles I've read so i'm trying to get some thoughts on this:

I have a semi-daylight basement with a walk out. The foundation walls are about 5.5' high on the front of the house and the yard slopes down towards the back, so the foundation walls drop about 2' fifteen feet towards the back. This creates a bunch of stud bays on top of that foundation roughly 3-5 feet depending on front or back. Also, the framing is 2x4 but the concrete foundation walls are about 6-8 inches thick, so there is a 2-3" gap to make the framing plumb with the concrete walls.

All the articles talk about pushing XPS up against the foundation and framing in front of it. However If I was to do that I would end up with XPS adhered to the foundation for about 5.5', then a 2-3" gap between the rigid foam board and the stud bays all the way up to the joist bays. I have most of the stud bays filled with insulation already, but i'm wondering if anyone has run into this, or has thoughts on IF/how i should fill that space between the Rigid board and stud bays. Seems like I should double up on the XPS...

Thanks for taking the time to read!