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Thread: Dare I put a wood window in a shower wet wall

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    Default Dare I put a wood window in a shower wet wall

    Tub/Shower setup.
    Brick Exterior
    Current Window is a Owen Corning Fiberglass Window
    The RO for the Window is just a smigen past where you would normally stand under the showerhead.
    The window does not see direct water but it will be moist from overspray/shower heat..

    I'm in the midst of planning the remodel of this.
    Not a fan of vinyl but I will if I have to.
    The windows in the majority of the house is either Kolbe or Marvin Ultimates.

    I'm inclined to stick with a clad/wood window and just keep the paint in good condition rigorously for the interior facing portion of this window.
    Am I asking for trouble here - the combo of wet/moist overspray that will be on the surface of the window and it still being a painted surface/wood window ?

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    I'm a big fan of vinyl windows for the tub/shower area, with non-porous wrapping.
    Code requires tempered glass, which can be ordered.

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    I have trouble grasping how having a window in a shower is ever a good thing. Personally, I would do away with it altogether.

    Fiberglass windows are great. I'm curious how you will expect to benefit by switching to a lesser product?

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    I'll second fiberglass windows...they expand and contract at almost exactly the same rate as the glass they contain, are much stiffer, and often, have a larger glass area verses a vinal equivalent. This puts less stress on the glass, and maintains the seal for longer than in an average vinal or wooden window.

    Any window in a wet area is a tough install. Windows are designed to shed water to the outside, not on the inside, so the slopes of the cladding is all wrong for use in a shower. Pooling can be an issue. personally, if I was going to have a (non-operable) window in a shower, I'd go with a glass block one. The key to any is good attention to details and proper slope with waterproofing.
    Jim DeBruycker
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    Casement style window that is frosted on the outside.

    Marvin and Kolbe products are not a lesser product than the fiberglass window.
    When Owens was making Fiberglass windows, they were the top $ product during that time.
    However, like vinyl, over time they get brittle, etc.
    The clad/wood windows IMO are holding like a rock. There is upkeep on paint/stain for the interior but this is more the very nature of having a *finished interior* side of the window. The exterior clad get's no treatment. Every spring, after a long winter, I just take my commerical grade steam cleaner, blow out all the nooks and crannies and a good pressure wash on the exterior.

    I've yet to investigate how well paint will be *on wood* vs fiberglass in this area.

    It's just from experiance, that the fiberglass windows do get brittle...

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    You seem to have a lot of strange ideas.

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