I'm in western Canada (Victoria), so I'm looking for advice about products available here.

Been reading the posts about Kerdi here and on John Bridge and I'm getting overwhelmed.... Been to Big Orange and some contractor tile places and the number of choices is staggering!

For a first-timer like me, specifically what brands would you recommend I use for materials in a simple tiled shower (no niches, but with tiled sloped ceiling, rafters 24" OC)?

i.e. which brands of:
  • Wallboard,
  • fasteners,
  • tape
  • tape mud,
  • waterproofing,
  • tile-setting thinset (for 12"x4" tiles, plus 1"x2" glass mosaic strip), and
  • grout

Appreciate any *specific* help you could share. Once I've got specific recommendations, I'll go look up the specific installation instructions on the manufacturers' sites.