Hey Guys,

I should have looked into this sooner, but there's a drain pipe outside my house that is constantly running water. It's close to the a/c drains that also run water all summer long, but this doesn't go to the a/c. I traced it back in the house the best I can, and it looks like the source of the water is the output from avalve that looks just like this one: http://amzn.to/xzwyg0

Over the past couple weeks, the water running out has grown from a very small steady stream and is now up to a good quarter inch or more. My water bill is up to almost 13,000 gallons. Normally, we use about 10k. (there are eight of us in the home...)

What is the easiest way to test the pressure in the home to see if it's just too high, or whether or not the valve is defective? What should the pressure in the home be? Can you hook something like this http://amzn.to/yVilM1 up to the outside faucet to get an accurate pressure reading?

This valve is located about 18-20 inches downstream of the whole house pressure regulator. I do know for a fact that dirt got in our lines about a year and a half ago after a main break on our street.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks in advance for your help!