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Thread: bathtub/shower drain

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    Default bathtub/shower drain

    I need to figure a few things out with Help from you guys out there in Terry Love Land!

    1- I need to change the size of the horizontal fitting from the drain. The connection that needs to come out is glued and everything else is glued all the way to the waste pipe also at the junction of the waste-vent there are burn marks so those should be redone correct? So how do I disconnect to reconnect with new joints when the old are glued?

    2- For the p-trap under the drian, the joist is about 1/4" in the way of it going straight down. For the old p-trap the joist has been tapered down from the top, but I think I need to cut out more of it for the p-trap and the horizontal to connect properly to the rest (which includes the new size connecter. Can a p-trap have a side angle to it when it is up against a joist?

    3- For the 1st connection from the p-trap should it be screwed or a slip connection or glued?

    4- Is a hack-saw ok for cutting the pvc and is there a special blade. I have onebut am not sure about the blade.


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    You do not reconnect to glued joints, you remove the fittings and start over. A plumber might be able to do it, but even that could be iffy. As for the rest of the questions about the trap, we would need to see it, or a picture, to have an idea of what you are referring to.
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    Jane i have cut PVC out of fittings before, i would not recommend a novice attempt it. i have also used a PVC removing bit that attach's to a drill and cuts out the pipe from the fitting. but again not for a novice. you may want to cut it all out and start over like hj said. not sure on the burned fittings, if its just surface i wouldn't worry about it. yes you can use a hacksaw to cut PVC, but watch out it may want to wander on you as you cut. i think home improvement centers sell PVC saws, they do a better job. pictures would be helpful on the rest. good luck
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