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Thread: American standard ALMOND colour match

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    Default American standard ALMOND colour match

    What is the best colour match to replace a 1983 ALMOND American Standard toilet?

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    I recommend WHITE

    Use other parts of the bathroom for your color needs...wallpaper, towels, paint, etc. keep the porcelain white.

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    quote; I recommend WHITE

    When your tan car needs a new fender, does your body shop tell you that a white one will work just as good? All companies make "almond" toilets, and while there may not be any which are exactly like yours, once it is installed, few people, if anyone, will see the difference. This assumes it is really almond, and not "Fawn Beige" or one of the similar colors A/S used.
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    It is interesting how our eyes will not see minor differences on objects if they are separated from one another. This is true not only for color differences, but even height differences. I installed kitchen cabinets once on a floor that had a pronounced slope. On one side, the cabinets were separated with a 30" range between. One one side, the counter top was level with the range. One the other side, just 30" away, the counter top was 1-1/2" lower than the range. I didn't notice it when I installed them, so that's the way they were for 20 years. No one ever noticed the difference, and although we were aware of the difference, my wife and I didn't see it after a short time.

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