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Thread: temporary shower?

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    Question temporary shower?

    My home has one full bath, and one half bath in the basement (jammed into a small area under the front porch...all stone, and very small).
    Anyway, I would like to remodel the bathroom on the main floor (electric, tub, toilet, sink, everything). I'm going to have to gut the whole thing.
    This will leave me without a shower for a few weeks.
    Is there such a thing as a temporary basement shower? My basement is unfinished and it has asbestos tile, so I really don't want to dig a new drain line. The basement ceiling is very low, so I can't elavate the shower to accomodate the drain. Any suggestions?

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    its tough but if you are set up it can be done in a day.
    demo bathroom
    change out diverter
    set tub
    connect drain
    wrap tub walls with plastic
    temp shower

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    Smile Yes

    That's brilliant.
    Why didn't I think of using the actual bathroom as a temp shower. I'll do my homework and give it a run.


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