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Thread: Wife wants the toilet moved

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    Default Wife wants the toilet moved

    :Wife wants the toilet moved "over there" so I'm doing it. Now installing the new 3in drain pipe through the floor. Do I cut this off flush with the floor? then glue on the flange? Unfortunately I've already glued the 3in into the old drain from under the house and ran it up a few inches higher than the floor in the new location. I'm hoping not to have to cut and splice the 3in from underneath. I should have bolted the flang down first I think, then hooked up the 3in last.

    Thanks again

    Brian in Florida

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    You want the flange itself to sit on the finished floor surface (tile, lino, etc.).

    You haven't buggered anything up by not gluing the flange on first.

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    Depending on the flange you get (and I don't know if they make this in a 3"), you can get them with either a socket in the flange or a through hole. With a socket, the height of the pipe is critical because you want the pipe bottomed out in the socket when the flange is at exactly the proper height (well, there's often a little slop). On the other type, you leave the pipe long, glue things and when sliding the flange over the pipe, the pipe comes up through the middle. Once the glue sets and the flange is on the top of the finished floor, you then cut off the excess pipe sticking out the middle.
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