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Thread: Space, the final place to waste

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    Default Space, the final place to waste

    Space, the final place to waste!

    What do you do if you have too much money and not enough ways to spend it? It's simple. Launch flights into space for a quick look see of the world the rest of us dwell on. Below you can see cities, wired together by fiber optics and vast stretches of virgin land. The final Frontier of the rich and famous. And why not travel high and far away from the troubles of this world, if it's only for moments of time. It makes all those hours watching Star Trek seem noble. When did you ever encounter a discovered world on Star Trek that had actual problems like hunger and drought? Their problemes were much more interesting then that. I read today that Richard Branson is up to the challenge of space tourism. Or for those that just feel a need for speed and have the deep pockets for it.
    For the rest of us mere mortals, dare I say it? The 99 percenters, it's travel as usual. It's not like I don't fly myself; it's normally on a large plane with other middle class people flying in coach.

    Richard Branson's concept

    Paul Allen's concept

    So anyway, I would like to see your comments on this too.
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