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Thread: Washlet product line from Toto selection

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    Default Washlet product line from Toto selection

    I am intending to buy a Drake II (CST454CEFG) with sanigloss and an S300 washlet. The Drake because I believe Terry recommended that one for best overall bowel washing.

    Looking for the S300 elongated washlet, some sites I have found are showing many of the washlets discontinued. The Toto site still shows all the models. Toto does not show available colors on their site. I am wondering if the S300 (SW554) is being discontinued, or maybe just some colors. I would prefer Colonial White; but cotton white would be OK.

    Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

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    The TOTO web site shows the SW554 in Cotton, Colonial and Sedona Beige.
    That's how we have been selling them.

    The Drake in Cotton is mainly stocked in Washington, though we do sell a few in Colonial too.


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