Hi, we have ~0.5ppm organic iron and <4 hardness in our well in northeastern Ohio. Its a low-flow well that produces <10 gallons per hour. There are only 2 of us and we are pretty frugal with water so the volume of water is acceptable but the liquid chlorinator we have is giving us fits. We're looking for a simpler solution and wonder if a solid pellet chlorine feeder would work for our situation. We are gone often and sometimes for several days at a time so monitoring and maintenance is difficult.

We have a 250' well (well storage is ~100gal) with submerged 3/4 hp pump feeding into a 275 gal storage tank. We are currently adding liquid chlorine via a peristaltic pump (built in 1990ish) just as the water enters the basement, then filtering with a cartridge sediment filter just before the water enters the storage tank. After the storage tank we have an inline pump to a REACTR VS model CLRF15VS 2 stage treatment system, an 80 gal pressure tank and then a whole-house sediment/iron cartridge filter.

When the peri-pump chlorinator is working correctly, this set-up works fine but recently the peri-pump has been less than reliable. It doesn't seem to have enough power to add the chlorine into the water stream so we've been having to put chlorine pellets into the storage tank to keep the chlorine level high enough to exchange the organic iron so it can be filtered out. This in turn reduces the functionality of the pre-storage filter so the whole system doesn't work efficiently. Yes, its an old peri-pump and we could just replace it with a new one but we're hoping to fine a better,lower maintenance solution.

I found a Clean Water Systems Model 400 Chemical Feeder on line that can be fit up for variable water flow and wonder if this would work as a replacement for the peri-pump for our situation? Or do any of you professionals have ideas?