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Thread: hairline toilet cracket

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    Default hairline toilet cracket

    My plumber found a hairline crack around the inside of my 6-year-old toilet bowl. He declared it too dangerous, saying it might break up under my weight
    (which is a normal weight, by the way). Should I replace it immediately, as he suggests, or is he being an alarmist without reason? Thank you.

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    Not knowing where the crack is it is or where it starts and ends or how long it is makes it hard to say. Have you used this plumber in the past?

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    Was he looking for the source of a leak? Hairline cracks do happen in porcelain. It is usually a manufacturing defect. If there really is a crack ( if he can see it you should be able to see it) and it has developed since the toilet is new, it may be the result of an impact of some type.

    It may have been there forever, and it may be OK forever. But if you can actually see a crack ( as opposed to a scratch) then in the interest of utmost safety , I would probably replace it. A catastrophic failure of a toilet ( bowl or tank) , with or without someone sitting on it at the time, is a big problem. So , while this would be rare, I might err on the side of caution. If you are suspicious of the plumber, just send him away and have someone else come in and do the new toilet.

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    If the toilet has cracks, it should be replaced.

    Cracks only get bigger, and could fail at any time.

    Broken porcelain is very sharp, I can show you my 3" cut with stiches on my right arm from getting too close to a broken toilet.

    If the bowl is leaking below onto the floor, it could be causing damage there too.


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