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Thread: Garage drain clogged ( with cement ?)

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    Default Garage drain clogged ( with cement ?)

    Background info: Over the summer, at my mother's house, she decided to cheaply 'remodel' the garage by adding cement on the rocks. She then changed her mind and asked teh contractor to break the cement. which clogged the garage drain big time as he didn't do a good job at all cleaning after him... I spent hours removing some cementy material then from the drain and asumed the problem was fixed. Fast forward to yday and I realize with the snow that the problem wasn't fixed at all and that there was actually a hell of a lot more cement in the drain trap than I thought. I just spent a good 3 hours removing pretty much all of it but I don't think the problem is fixed and I would like some guidance as for how to finally fix itName:  IMG_0863.jpg
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    It looks like the side branch of the tee goes down under where the water level would be. This serves as a trap as well as an oil separator type. Any oil that gets in the basin will float on top of the water and the water flows out the tee as it rises. The bottom of the pipe going horizontal is the flow line of the drain. The pipe coming up could be plugged with sludge and or cement. Looks like a cap on the end of the tee. Can you get that off and run a snake or water hose down the lower pipe to check if it is plugged?

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    That looks like some "do it yourself" drain and it may not even have a trap, other than that "upside down T". There is no way we can tell how much concrete is in the line, or even WHERE it is. If it is hardened concrete it has to be dissolved or chipped out, because a snake, jetting, or any other common method will be absolutely useless to remove it.
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    Its a catch basin hooked up to a storm drain so it doesn't need a trap. Once you have removed all the contents of the basin take a hose and fill it up. It should fill up to the bottom of the pipe then start draining, it will always have water up to that level unless it has evaporated. If the water go's higher than the pipe there is a blockage in the line, you will need to remove the cap and have it snaked or even better jetted to remove the sediment that that has probably built up in the pipe due to the catch basin not being cleaned out regularly. You should do this annually or even every 6 months depending on how much it is used.

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