I have a natural gas Weil McClain 155 ultra (128,000 btuh)Mod Con with ODR installed in my home to manufacture spec (primary /secondary) with an indirect as priority 1 but the boiler is 2 times the size needed. My heat loss is 62,500. I have the high fire rate set to 55% (70,400btu) and the low to 20% (25,600) which is lowest setting and might set the high a bit lower to 52%,.Boost is off and it modulates at default 5 on 5 off. Should i raise to 6 on 6 off ? I also have a 008 delt pump for my four zone pumping, is this useful in this application or a problem?
I'm thinking about a buffer tank but not sure how they are installed to cure short cycle issues i am having.Its bumping off the bottom so to speak.I tried slaving two of my four zones together which works at temps greater than 144 targets but would like lower temps.I don't think more base board will do the trick as i have whats needed now to heat at 140/design 0.
I would love some suggestions on buffer size. Is bigger better?How is it piped?
How much lower will it get my temps down?Is a water heater tank a good option/insulated very well?
I have an 1 1/2 manifold/header with 3/4 branches off the mains, can i just send it from supply via 3/4 branch to the tank and back to the return 3/4 branch with no zone valve so its always pumped through when a zone calls/pump turns on) for heat unless ball valves are closed(this allows me to shut off in summer).
do i need to up size my expansion tank also to match the new volume?
Ty in advance for any help,Ron
Do you live near Newton NJ and want some work/lol?