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Thread: Two yr old Water Heater pilot does not stay lit

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    Default Two yr old Water Heater pilot does not stay lit

    So it's a new house w/ a new water heater. Pilot went out probably during the summer, didn't think much of it, and simply relit it, no problems. This time, it went out again but the pilot does not stay lit. I hold in the nozzle, and press the button to ignite the pilot, LED flashes that's it's ok, but when I let go of the nozzle, pilot dies. The flame is a nice blue and is making contact w/ the two metal prongs through the see through glass.

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    YOU have a problem. The ICON control has several parts which can cause the symptoms. It could be the face plate panel, or the pilot burner module, but could also be the valve body. B-W has a 5 step testing procedure.

    You have already done steps #1 and 2.
    Step #3 Jump the contacts on the thermal switch and light the pilot; If the pilot lights and the heater fires propetly, replace the thermal switch. If it does NOT activate, replace the pilot assembly.
    Step #4. Remove the ICON coverand test each of the two top pins with the bottom "common" pin for 11 to 13 ohms each. That meter reading indicates the valve is good.
    Step #5. If the previous four steps fial the board is bad therefore replace the cover.
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    HJ gives great advice... provided you have enough understanding of all of the test points he refers to and have the meter to make the readings. If you don't have those things, it might be wise to contact a professional who do have the knowledge and meter to make the tests.

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    Cool this is gonna be fun to watch....

    you have a 6 year warranty on the parts, and I suggest you just
    get the whole gas valve assembly changed out to save yourself the time , labor and
    trouble... just change it all out and forget trying to fool with it

    this ICON valve is now going on two or three years old and
    they are gonna start going bad left and right all over the USA
    as time passes its gonna probably turn into a parts replacement
    nightmare for bradford white ....if it has not already...

    when the plastic shank going into the waterheater body starts to
    leak or get brittle , then its gonna get ugly.... but that will probably
    take a good 10 years from now to happen

    I bailed out of bradford just a few weeks after they came out with the ICON
    and I pity the plumbers that have a few thousand of them out in cirulation

    We have not had the first problem with the old style RHEEM design....

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